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Since 1987, Torsion Control Products has been the leader in providing custom engineered spring couplings, torque limiters, and torque converter clutches for a wide range of powertrain applications.  Our couplings are built to address the demands of the agricultural, construction, industrial, marine, and mining equipment markets.  TCP manufactures products for direct/hydraulic pump drives, automatic/power-shift transmissions, compressors, generators, and much more.  We are proud to service our customers all over the world, including North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

In 2024, Torsion Control merged with PT Tech, LLC in Wadsworth OH.  Both brands are subsidiaries of the Timken Company, a worldwide leader in bearings and motion control products


Direct replacement for flex plates, automotive style couplings, and rubber couplings . Typically no spacers required.
Integral shaft support capability eliminates the need for additional bearing support.
Temperature extremes do not affect performance or durability.
Performance can be optimized for a given application.
Torsion Control
Torsion Control


Spring couplings have been a part of powertrains for over 80 years. Torsion Control Products have engineered and developed a comprehensive line of spring couplings for use in a wide range of powertrain applications:

  • Agriculture vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Mining equipment

Our couplings have had years of operation in high horsepower applications meeting industry’s demands with proven durability and long life. Although not all applications require torsional compliance, Torsion Control Products’ Engineers will evaluate your application and determine if a spring coupling would provide an advantage over a conventional drive plate.

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Our Couplings Are Designed for Off-Highway Applications


Spring couplings have been a part of powertrains for over 80 years. Torsion Control Products has developed a line of spring couplings, torque limiters, and torque converter clutches specifically for Tier III and Tier IV engine configurations. These products address the torsional characteristics unique to the Tier upgrades that produce more power in smaller packages at lower operating speeds. Through the evaluation of many different applications using Torsional Vibration Analysis, our engineers have created products that address the needs of most applications. Whether it is in Agricultural products, Mining, Industrial equipment, Marine or Construction applications, chances are we have a product/performance that will address the needs of your application. If we don’t have a current product that meets your needs, we will create a unique spring coupling, torque limiter, or torque converter clutch that meets the specific configuration and performance requirements of your application!

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